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General Questions

The following are the most commonly received questions from our customers. If you’re wondering about a different topic of question, reach out in the contact fields. We typically reply within one business day.

Is local pickup available?

Yes, upon checkout you will see a check box for local pickup, once it is checked you will not be charged for shipping, contact us for the address so you can stop by to pick up your order yourself, we are located in Schiller Park, IL 60176

Should I use the same pull length for all my kitchen cabinets?

Most people prefer longer pulls for taller doors and wider drawers and shorter pulls for shorter doors and narrower drawers.

Which screw length size do I need?

It depends on the use of the pull. For a cabinet door, you need the shorter screw, and for a cabinet drawer, you need the longer screw. Typically a cabinet drawer is made of two components, drawer box and
drawer decorative face panel. The drawer face panel is attached to the front of the drawer box. This setup often doubles the thickness of the cabinet door and requires a longer mounting screw.

What size drill bit do I need to drill holes for the mounting screws?

The best way to drill holes for the mounting screws is to use two drill bit sizes. You start with a smaller size, for example, 3/32” and then the final size 3/16”. This way the smaller size drill bit will drill the hole more precisely where you marked it. Do not use excessive force while drilling to prevent the wood from breaking splitters when the drill cuts the backside at the end of the drilling process.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however, you need to contact us with your shipping address so we can quote you for the shipping cost. Keep in mind that you are fully responsible for any import duty/tariff/tax and customs fees if applicable.

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